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April 2019 we opened up a Sales Sprint. A virtual co-working accelerator for business owners. Picture Crossfit for Business.

You show up, do great work, leaving feeling amazing.

I posted the mission on Facebook and the Sales Sprint filled capacity in less than 72 hours.

Sales Sprint April 2019

What is the Sales Sprint?

Picture this, 20 Entrepreneurs joining a virtual video conference for 2 hour time blocks to accelerate their sales. Not to talk about growth, psychology, mindset, not to strategize, but to DO THE WORK.

Each day you do the ONE thing that will grow your sales, and feel the momentum and confidence that builds from the consistency.

Who’s this for?

Driven entrepreneurs that know they need to be working on revenue growth activities, but keep getting pulled in to other priorities.

If you want to join the waitlist for the next sprint Apply Here


21 Ramli JohnToday’s episode is about how to look at Growth Hacking. Ramli John, a successful growth hacker and Lean Start-up specialist shares the basics of Growth Hacking.

Some Example Growth Hacks:

  • AirBnB: How did they grow to a Billion dollar company? One of their growth hacks was tapping in to Craigslist. AirBnB realized that their customers were looking for places on Craigslist and people on Craigslist were listing their places. They created a program that would automatically post their listings on Craigslist. This allowed them to piggy back traffic. This was so successful that when Craigslist figured this out they had to shut it down.

Lesson: Look for places that your customers are spending lots of time, and see how you can leverage this.

  • Drop Box: How did they get users to grow referrals? Drop Box gave an incentive of an extra 500MB of storage for every friend they referred to Drop Box. Rather than paying monetary incentive for referrals or getting users to pay, Drop Box saw the value of turning existing customers in to a referral engine.


How to get started with Growth Hacking?

1. Start measuring ‘stuff’.

By measuring data you will see how customers are interacting with your platform or business. But you already knew this. Even in ‘old-school’ businesses you’re already talking to clients, start paying attention to how they use your service.

2. Ask yourself why people are doing what they are doing?

Why are they doing something and equally why they are not doing something. See if you can find quick experiments to test your hypothesis.

3. Ask the question “How can I get my customers to do _________”

Good questions lead to good answers. Case and point.

4. Become the scientist.

Run a simple test to see if your hypothesis is correct. Ramli mentions that when Edison was inventing the battery after 8000 ‘failed’ attempts he was asked “Why do you continue?”. Edison’s answer was “I now know 8000 ways that don’t work, bring me closer to finding a way that does.”

The lesson: Focus on the growth hacking journey, not on the result. The journey will provide you with the result.

5. Talk to engaged users and obsess about what makes them tick.

Your most engaged users will provide you with the most insight. Focus on them. Understand who they are and why they are so motivated. After all, if you have a small group of dedicated die-hard fans, they will become your tribe that will bring on all their friends. Seth Godin mentions that you only need 1000 of these diehards to cause massive change in the world. Who are your die hard fans?


Book recommendations:

Don’t make me think written by Steve Krug

Suggested interview on Air BnB story

Ramli’s Growth Hacking Webinar

Today’s episode is about building GREAT business relationships. This is not another episode about networking. Humans crave intimacy and great relationships. That’s what this episode delivers.

Scott has hosted more than 60 “Limitless Dinners and Lunches” over the past year on a quest to build limitless relationships.

A few weeks ago I received a mysterious email that intrigued me. The rest is history. The exact email I received inviting me to the Limitless Dinner is at the bottom of this post.

Take advantage of this philosophy and you can supercharge your relationships when you travel for business.

The dinner had 12 of us hosted at a great steak house and it was lead with 3 main questions:

  1. What are you working on?
  2. What’s keeping you up at night?
  3. The last question is left as a random question for example; what’s been your most pivotal moment? What do you do to keep yourself energized?

Key takeaways:

  • Start with your network. There’s enough people in your immediate circle like 1st and 2nd degree connections to make an amazing dinner.
  • It’s NOT a Numbers Game. It’s about depth in relationships, otherwise you are just networking.
  • Get the right people in the room. If you get similar, like minded people, they will naturally connect.(Scott shares a story gone wrong)
  • Be the connector and facilitator.  You’re role is to make sure everyone has a chance to be involved in conversation.
  • Lunch vs. Dinner. Lunch works best with 4-6 people so that you can keep it to a 2hr length. Dinner works best with 4-8 people and needs up to 4 hours or more. Also note that dinners tend to give you more time to go deep, and the ability to go out afterwards.


email from scott to elan

Exact email I got from Scott to this mysterious dinner.

Book Recommendation: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazi

Scott’s Podcast: Limitless Business Podcast / Executive Minute


Nicholas Kusmich is the creator of the 10X Business System. He prides himself on potentially being your new best friend and competitions worst nightmare!

That’s because as a Strategic Business Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist, he specializes in creating “celebrity-authorities” in their respective marketplaces, which makes them rise above their competition being in a “category of one” allowing their business to reach new levels at an accelerated rate.

Today’s episode he shares how he went from being a commodity to one of the highest paid consultants.

  1. Be Confident: Be so confident that you are willing to be paid for results only
  2. Niche Down: Find an under-served, affluent niche.
  3. Market According to the Niche you’re Serving. Have your marketing and pricing be congruent with the market you are serving. There’s a reason Mercedes doesn’t have a $15,000 car.
  4. Provide Incredible Value: Achieve results for clients and provide insight rather than just information. We have an information overload right now, and people value insights over information they need to sift through.
  5. Surround yourself with great people.  Endorsements from the right people will go further than you can imagine.

Nich’s Website (Click Here)

18 - Alex IkonnAlex is an internet entrepreneur and one of the masterminds behind Lux Hair which is now a one of the fastest growing beauty brands. He has built this with his wife Mimi and their YouTube channel has over 2Million subscribers and 230Million views.

Today’s episode, Alex shares how he started and what it took to achieve his success. He shares the secret to growing a successful YouTube Channel and why YouTube is such a powerful platform.


Alex’s Blog (Click Here)

Alex’s Personal Youtube Channel (Click Here)

Lux Hair YoutubeChannel (Click Here)

17 - Fabrice GrindaFabrice is an internet entrepreneur, an angel investor in over 140 companies and co-founder of OLX, one of the largest free classifieds sites in the world. He has successfully built numerous large scale companies all before the age of 40. After living a lavish lifestyle from his first company sale he sold his main assets to live from a suitcase full of 50 items he needs. Now he focuses on what matters most– relationships and his obsession for building great product experiences. He spends his time traveling between countries, living the Business Basecamp lifestyle.

Today’s episode, Fabrice shares his start-up story along with what it takes to build a successful company and why no matter how much money you have, it’s what you do with your time that matters.

Favourite Quote: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.” -Attributed to Goethe

16 - Tony GareriTony Gareri is the Chief Officer of Wow as known by his employees. Today’s episode is about how to build an amazing company culture and all while having fun in the workplace.

Most companies don’t live and breathe their mission. Tony Gareri from Roma Moulding has embodied their credo allowing them to make smarter and quicker decisions. They’re culture is laser focused and has now formed a work community that feels like a second home and family.

Book Recommendation: Deliver Happiness by Tony Hsieh

If you want to take a company tour and see all of this in action, visit:

15 - Peter SagePeter Sage is an Extreme Entrepreneur.

He started more than two dozen companies. He’s the Founder of Space Energy, sits on the board of Insead Business School Entrepreneurship program, an international speaker…the list goes on.

He jumps out of airplanes to relax.

This Episode Peter shares his story and what it took him to achieve greatness.



13 - Michael SantonatoThe relationship master and author of Find ‘em and Keep ‘em. He is trained in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis.

Today he shares:

  • His start-up story from corporate job, to failed entrepreneur to getting back on his game.
  • How to get your relationships right to get your business right.




12 - Tara Antler1Speaker, Healer, Reiki Master, Author of Healing Manual and Transformational Leader. For the past 13 years she has been assisting with life changes, inner confusion, emotional freedom, clearing pains from the past and much more.

Today’s episode Tara shares:

  • Belief systems
  • Creating money miracles
  • Monitoring thoughts
  • The value of vacation and rest time

How to meditate: Click Here

Tara’s Self Healing Course Click Here

PROMO: 25% Discount with code “basecamp” (Limit first 25 Business Basecampers)

Complimentary Online 3 Session Healing Hour: Click Here

11 - Ryan Coelho - Mastering your mindset  Ryan Coelho helps people get out of their own way and engineer success. He specializes in working with students and young professionals to break through their mindset.

Today’s episode Ryan shares:

  • Creating a vision
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • How to make your mind work for you

Learn more about him at

Get his FREE book that outlines 3 simple steps to get the results you want in life at

Book Suggestion: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle




10 - Michael J MaherToday’s guest is shares how he mastered referrals and in the process netted $1M in real estate in 3 years using the not so secret secrets to referrals. He is the best selling author of the book Seven Levels of Communication: Go from Relationships to Referrals.

He shares:

  • How to get a referral without ever asking for it.
  • How to get on to the Referral Cycle rather than live in the Chase Cycle
  • How to be interesting.
  • L.I.F.E. Learn, Implement, Fail, Evaluate

Quotes of the day:

“When you over-promise, you’ve set yourself up to under-deliver.”

“Exercise the hustle muscle.”

“Create imbalance in the world that you have provided so much value in the world that the world may never be able to pay you back.”


Free 15 min coaching session with Michael:

Referral Facebook Group: Search in Facebook for Referral Guru.

*Correction: I say episode 9 in the intro, however it is indeed episode 10.

09 - Cole BanningToday’s episode Cole Banning share how Improv TO has grown from a small facebook group to thousands, and How to get publicity without paying for it

Cole Banning helps run Improv TO. Picture Flashmob events around the city for the greater good. He truly embraces adventure in all he does.

Today Cole shares:

  • Improv TO’s startup story
  • A Quote: “Do first and apologize later”
  • If you want people to come out to events, you NEED a GREAT event.
  • How passion to impact the city drives everything. Its not about money or resume building, its truly about pursuing your passion and what you have fun with.

To join Improv TO event check out their Facebook Group:


Amy has gone on a winding journey to find her passion and purpose. She Co-founded Grooveducation

We talk about taking the plunge in both Real Estate investments and starting any new business.

Biggest lesson in Real Estate: “Dive in and learn as you go.” She had no idea what to do when she started but talks about how you either sink or swim and the only way to swim is to take the plunge. It’s applicable to any business.

Amy answers how to get in to the Groove, not get stuck in your head and worried about scenarios. Get in to flow and embrace your creativity.

07 - Danish SayedDanish is a Blind, Pakistani, Albino who is the best-selling author of A Dictionary of Distinction.

Today’s episode he shares the journey of operating in a world with little to no vision and how that built his mindset muscle.

Favourite Quote: “Let’s love the world together”


06 - Ryan Frayne - Launching on KickstarterRyan launched on Wind Catcher on Kickstarter raising more than $149,405 backed by 1400+ participants, which was 3x their goal.

Ryan explains how to launch a successful a successful Kickstarter campaign and how turned around a stalling campaign to a huge hit.

Top 5 Tips to Launching on Kickstarter:

  • Do your research and see how family friends and customers think of the product.
  • Research other campaigns and take note of their success and their media coverage.
  • Pre-launch to friends and family before Kickstarter so that when you launch you have some momentum.
  • Have a Facebook launch party. The more people you have to support as soon as you launch the more momentum you can build.
  • Have a very targeted media list to help promote the product. Reach out to blogs which have already covered your type of product.


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iTunes launchHello everyone,

After many months of preparation Business Basecamp is finally live. I’m incredibly honored to have such great people join the show and share their lessons and experience with entrepreneurs looking to expand their mind, grow their business and start living the dream.

To hear more from the podcast subscribe on iTunes.


Elan Marko, Host



Episode5 - Peter VoogdPeter is a serial entrepreneur who went from dead broke to 6-figure income by 23.

Peter shares his journey along with many lessons he learned along the way to create an unstoppable mindset.

  • How to tap in to unlimited potential
  • How to make decisions that lead to success
  • How to raise your confidence to be a game changer

Read More

Episode 4 - Alex BerlyandWhat does it take to start a successful business as a new graduate?

Welcome today’s guest Alex Berlyand from Park Bus as he shares his story to launching a business.

Alex lives the Business Basecamp lifestyle constantly traveling across the world and exploring new adventures.

Today’s episode you will learn:

  • The importance of setting up a pilot project.
  • What it takes to stay motivated.
  • How pranks garner community. An April Fools prank involving helicopters.
  • Working on real relationships rather than transactional relationships.
  • “I learn as I go, and what I do is my passion”


Twitter: @parkbus