19: Nicholas Kusmich – Find a Niche that will Catapult Your Business

Nicholas Kusmich is the creator of the 10X Business System. He prides himself on potentially being your new best friend and competitions worst nightmare!

That’s because as a Strategic Business Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist, he specializes in creating “celebrity-authorities” in their respective marketplaces, which makes them rise above their competition being in a “category of one” allowing their business to reach new levels at an accelerated rate.

Today’s episode he shares how he went from being a commodity to one of the highest paid consultants.

  1. Be Confident: Be so confident that you are willing to be paid for results only
  2. Niche Down: Find an under-served, affluent niche.
  3. Market According to the Niche you’re Serving. Have your marketing and pricing be congruent with the market you are serving. There’s a reason Mercedes doesn’t have a $15,000 car.
  4. Provide Incredible Value: Achieve results for clients and provide insight rather than just information. We have an information overload right now, and people value insights over information they need to sift through.
  5. Surround yourself with great people.  Endorsements from the right people will go further than you can imagine.

Nich’s Website (Click Here)

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