We’re Hiring

We are now hiring for a remote assistant to help with operations.


This is for you if you value freedom to work remotely, flexibility in type of work, and having your opinion and ideas valued.  You work because you enjoy working, not because you have to. You enjoy picking up calls and chatting with people, because you’re a friendly person. You hate inefficiencies, and look for ways to do things better. And you’re an all around good person, that likes working with good people.

It’s great for stay at home moms and dads, or anybody who likes living a remote schedule.

The position can provide from 1-5 hours per week.

This is not for someone who is looking for an office, doesn’t like teams, is shy answering calls, and is not a peoples person.

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We’ll be in contact with you shortly after applying.
If you have any questions about the position, feel free to email Elan directly at elan@elanmarko.com