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Elan Marko

My name is Elan Marko, and I’m a passionate entrepreneur and business coachsultant. I’ve created Business Basecamp as a hub for the adventure in Business. It’s a chance for me to share my passion for the business in a multitude of ways, Consulting, Speaking, Entrepreneur Adventure Retreats, and the Business Basecamp Podcast.  The Podcast is to to share with you  the stories of inspiring entrepreneurs that do what they love and love what they do.


Often times as entrepreneurs we need inspiration and a hub for new ideas. This show shares ways to grow your business, how to improve your mindset and push yourself to achieve your goals.

Life is an adventure. I love to travel, explore, try new things, and most of all help entrepreneurs realize their potential. Business is an adventure that often rides like a roller-coaster. So hop on, and strap in, because there’s a lot you can get to optimize your personal performance, grow your business, and live the adventure.

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