06: Ryan Frayne – Launching on Kick-Starter

06 - Ryan Frayne - Launching on KickstarterRyan launched on Wind Catcher on Kickstarter raising more than $149,405 backed by 1400+ participants, which was 3x their goal.

Ryan explains how to launch a successful a successful Kickstarter campaign and how turned around a stalling campaign to a huge hit.

Top 5 Tips to Launching on Kickstarter:

  • Do your research and see how family friends and customers think of the product.
  • Research other campaigns and take note of their success and their media coverage.
  • Pre-launch to friends and family before Kickstarter so that when you launch you have some momentum.
  • Have a Facebook launch party. The more people you have to support as soon as you launch the more momentum you can build.
  • Have a very targeted media list to help promote the product. Reach out to blogs which have already covered your type of product.




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